Our Values

The Group

The Group is primarily a friendship and fellowship group for people who are practising Christians. It is run on an entirely voluntary and non-profit basis. We’re based in Bedford (UK) and most events are run in or around the Bedford area including Beds, Bucks, Northants, Herts and Cambs.

Christian beliefs and values

As Christians we believe in one eternal God, who created the Universe and everything in it. As the first verse in the bible says; “In the beginning God…..” (Genesis 1:1)

We believe in Jesus Christ, who was crucified, and was resurrected by the power of God, and in the Holy Spirit who lives in us and assists us in our daily lives. We also believe in upholding the values expressed by Jesus Christ.

We therefore expect that anyone joining our mailing list or attending our events is respectful to other members, treating them with dignity and consideration.


Planning meetings are usually held twice a year (with lots of Pizza!), to plan the program of events. These meetings are open to anyone on the mailing list. Anyone may offer to organise and lead an event in conjunction with the Committee. Since the group is entirely voluntary, we value the enthusiasm of those who are willing to organise events for us all.

Generally we expect that everyone attending events is a Christian so if you would like to bring someone along to an event who is not a practising Christian, please ask the social Committee first.

Although it is primarily a group for friendship, some members do arrange to date each other and two couples have eventually married after meeting through this group.

Mailing List

Joining the mailing list is voluntary and free. Any single Christian may ask for their email address to be added to our mailing list and they will then receive email details of our events. The Committee reserves the right to remove people from the mailing list in certain circumstances at the Committee’s discretion. Equally, anyone may ask for their name to be removed from the mailing list at any time.


There is no charge for being on the mailing list. Occasionally we may ask for a small voluntary donation from attendees at events to cover out of pocked expenses incurred by members of the social Committee or others who have organised an event, such as refreshments. A few events each year are chargeable, in order to cover the cost of venue, food and other essential expenses for that event.

The Social Committee

The group has a Social Committee which includes a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and other Committee members. All Committee members are expected to take a major role in the organisation and running of the group by leading and supporting events and clearing up after events.

The Committee will meet at least once but usually twice a year. Anyone may ask to join the Committee, though membership of the Committee is at the discretion of the then existing Committee members.

Decision Making

The social Committee makes all decisions regarding the direction and running of the group. Decisions may be made usually by consensus at Committee meetings or by email discussion. The Chair will lead discussions. Where necessary the Chair will seek advice from the group overseers. Where consensus cannot be reached, decision will be made by votes of those present and where votes are tied the Chair will take the casting vote.

Oversight of the group

The group is backed and supported by several past and present church ministers including:

  • John Benton, pastor of Chertsey St Baptist church, editor of Evangelicals Now and founder of the London Men’s/Women’s Convention;
  • Bernard Palmer, teaching elder of Baldock church; and
  • Steve Le Page, pastor of Rutland Road Church, Bedford